The Past Year

There's been a long break since my last post, partially due to artist's block and partially due to the distractions of life! Have started to look at broadening my horizons a bit  lately- probably the biggest change has been my dabbling in stage make-up. Having completed a weekend course at the Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow, I've moved on to practicing (with the help of friends) and will hopefully be involved in helping with dressing at the Kings and Festival Theatres' wardrobe department.

The fine art side has taken a step back for me. After graduating I tried to keep going along the same lines as my degree show stuff but I don't feel 100% inspired by the same ideas anymore, or at least I'm pretty out of touch with it. Doing a little bit of volunteering with Yuck 'n' Yum introduced me to the world of Zines - now that I live in Edinburgh  I'm hoping to connect with similar groups, also since Yuck 'n' Yum are no longer producing their own zine.

Another sideline has been with me helping to design a couple of my friends' tattoos, which has greatly appealed to me and as been very enjoyable.

 This design was based on the person's idea of a playing card, where he wanted to include the word "Joker" and for a top hat to be involved. He didn't much want a particular figure with an identity as the joker, more of a simple design. I added the pocket watch simply because it adds to this "traditional gentleman" persona which he likes.

This one was almost to be a simple reminder of a relative/ancestor who lived and worked in a lighthouse. The person also is from Orkney and so lighthouses give a strong reminder of home. I think this one needs a bit of work - it will have to be much more clean-cut if it is going to be translated as a tattoo.

Again not the best quality photo of a sketch, this was the first design I created and probably the one I'm most happy with so far, particularly as it ended up being used at the person's final tattoo. The words on the swallow's wings have a personal meaning to this person and the characteristics of the bird reflect this person's personality and reminds them of past experience and of home.