Die Hard Deebs

A couple of quick sketches of Deebs for his blog, based on photos of him posing as John Mclean from Die Hard. See if you can tell which parts are from John Mclean photos...

"Die Hard Deebs"


I struggled with this one and had to restart a few times - I'm happy with it now but would like to start another soon. As it ended up being a mix of charcoal and white paint, it has an odd metallic quality to it.

Emma BR portrait

Portrait for my pal Emma Bell Ryott who wanted a piece of artwork for her website  - she writes stuff! I don't have her website address yet but you can catch up with her on facebook: www.facebook.com/writeremmabell

Another Painting in Progess continued


Still lacking something but I feel it's nearly there. The next step is going to be getting a suggestion of the ground to help get the perspective and to break up the negative space at the bottom right hand side.

Another painting in progress

This is one I drafted out just after graduating and have only just taken another look at it. I'm more pleased with the way this is going compared with the one in the previous post. I seems fresher and the composition makes more sense I think.

Painting in Progress continued


Sneak peek into progress. My aim is to incorporate the figure on the left and also to work on the relationship between the background and figures.

Painting in progress

Painting inspired by 4 separate photographs of people in a lift. It's been a while since I last painted so I've yet to find a focus in the painting, my plan is to add in detail and darken the background. I'm hoping to get more of a sense of claustrophobia and the awkwardness of being in a lift with strangers.

I'm finding the lighting difficult to get right as each person was photographed separately but my aim is to tie everything together once some more detail is added.

Green Woodpecker

Pencil on paper - mother's day card!

Charcoal on paper - Princes Street

Drawing is made up of 3 photographs taken from Princes Street Gardens, Princes Street and Waverley Bridge in Edinburgh. 

Quick Charcoal Portrait

First portrait in a while, found it hard using pencil so switched to charcoal which made getting an overall figure a lot easier, especially as my drawing skills aren't very accurate at the moment. Switched between drawing from life and drawing from a reference photo.