Library Cat

Library Cat: The Observations of a Thinking Cat by Alex Howard (Black and White Publishing).
You can have a sneaky peek at a couple of my illustrations inside the book on the preview on amazon...

Skeletal Deebs

I got my hands on some scrap piece of paper in earth tones, which I find nicer to work on than white because they create a middle tone to start off with. I've also been looking for ways to develop my sketches into finished pieces of work and be more creative with how I put them together. This drawing of Deebs is just really another sketch but I thought I'd see if my theatrical makeup could play a part in my work. If anyone wants to have a look my theatrical makeup blog is at:

Inspiration 2

Revisiting artists that I studied at school and university, Frida Kahlo and Henri Matisse. Both used colour and symbolism in very different ways.

Icarus - Henri Matisse -1947

The Two Fridas - Frida Kahlo - 1939
Some say this painting represents Kahlo's dual heritage. According to Kahlo's friend it was inspired by paintings such as "The Two Sisters" by Theodore Chassériau. Kahlo suffered from bouts of ill health, stemming from an accident when she was 18. This caused her to be isolated from other people at times, and so she tended to paint self portraits as she is the "subject she knows best". She often uses symbolism in her work and her pieces usually have a surreal element.

Inspiration 1

Work of amazing illustrator Katie Scott :

Katie Scott seems to have worked on a vast array of projects, from educational books to surreal art to wallpaper design. Her work is very refined and detailed, yet imaginative and there is always a sense of her own style, which is why it translates so well to just a broad range of projects.

Sketch of Izzy

Took some interesting photos in the process... Thanks for modelling Izzy!

Paper Street Soap Company

Part of design for Deebs's t-shirt (will update with photos of t-shirt soon), for which I took the logo for the Paper Street Soap Company (in film "Fight Club") and distorted it a bit using grids:

First version:

Squid sketches

Small sketches in preparation for larger mixed media piece.

LC Illustrations

This year I was involved in helping to illustrate the brilliant Library Cat: The Observations of a Thinking cat by Alex Howard.

This has led to potential involvement in other projects which I am very excited about. I thought I'd put up a few illustrative drafts and ideas from the past year, none of these sketches are actually in the book (to see the finished ones feel free to grab yourself a copy!)

Drawing project

I've been feeling out of practice lately so I decided to draw something every day, or work on my piece for my sister and her family. The first portrait I did was utter poop, but I didn't spend long on it and the first few are always going to be frustrating. Anyway, here are a few of the drawings I did, starting with the earliest at the top. I think this has helped me to regain some confidence, particularly in experimenting with materials which I used to love doing.

And here's how Hanna and Iain's painting is developing so far (still got a ways to go yet):