Squid sketches

Small sketches in preparation for larger mixed media piece.

LC Illustrations

This year I was involved in helping to illustrate the brilliant Library Cat: The Observations of a Thinking cat by Alex Howard. http://blackandwhitepublishing.com/shop/library-cat.html

This has led to potential involvement in other projects which I am very excited about. I thought I'd put up a few illustrative drafts and ideas from the past year, none of these sketches are actually in the book (to see the finished ones feel free to grab yourself a copy!)

Drawing project

I've been feeling out of practice lately so I decided to draw something every day, or work on my piece for my sister and her family. The first portrait I did was utter poop, but I didn't spend long on it and the first few are always going to be frustrating. Anyway, here are a few of the drawings I did, starting with the earliest at the top. I think this has helped me to regain some confidence, particularly in experimenting with materials which I used to love doing.

And here's how Hanna and Iain's painting is developing so far (still got a ways to go yet):