Story Of Me Project

Over the past few weeks I have been involved in the Story of Me project, run by primary school teacher Susannah Jeffries. Each of her pupils have been writing a sentence or two a week, creating a story as they go. Each pupil has an artist assigned to them who will illustrate their sentence each week, and the pupil can see the image before writing the next sentence.

One of the stipulations is that the image must show the pupil in the forefront of the picture. It is my understanding that this may help the pupil retain vocabulary by using it in reference to themselves, and seeing themselves in the narrative. My pupil created a story based around Mario games:

Week 1

It was Christmas. Everyone got a Nintendo switch!

Week 2

We played a Mario game and we were having an adventure.

Week 3

We met Princess Peach and she was friendly.

Week 4

I called Luigi to tell him we had finished the game

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